Tom’s Top Picks for the weekend 24 – 25 February

Hope you had a good weekend! Let’s have a look what’s going on next weekend! Start your weekend on Friday with (Z)onderbroek at Club Church. Drop your pants and dance at the popular underwear party! Sexy guys with boners in their briefs roam the dance floor and cruising areas. Doors open at 22:00.

Saturday go to “Gay’s anatomy” at Club Church. Rush to our hospital for a very, very thorough medical examination! We promise excellent treatment by the finest doctors and nurses. Dress code/looks (not mandatory but appreciated): sexy nurse, charming doctor, hot patient, clueless surgical intern, whining Meredith Gay, open flesh wound, Patrick Dumpsey, McBulgy etc. The party starts at 22:00 and you can dance until 5:00 in the morning.

If you are more into pop music, go to FPQ at Jimmy Woo. Two rooms filled with queer extravaganza and hot pop music! A comeback-revival-reunion hasn’t ever been soooo good! NOTE: Jimmy Woo is a cash only venue. Doors open at 23:00.

And last but not least, end the weekend with a “Latin Urban Night” at Club YOLO. It is time to shake your booty to the best Latin Urban beats! The party starts at 22:00.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and stay safe! Your Tom of Amsterdam 🙂

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