Liquid Kiddy May 2019 Party Review

Liquid Kiddy Gay Circuit Dance Party Amsterdam

The following party review is based on the personal opinion of Peter an avid party goer who lives in Amsterdam.

Liquid Kiddy is a reasonably new addition to the Amsterdam party scene. Sporting the somewhat adolescent slogan “We’re cumming!”, it provides a mix of different party flavours under one roof. Since this edition coincided with Eurovision, I found myself walking from the votes and subsequent Dutch celebration via a drag-queen manned toilet into a techno party with porn show and onwards into a voguing competition. I wasn’t feeling too great for most of the evening but at Liquid Kiddy there simply is no way to be bored.

Warehouse is tucked away in the northwest of Amsterdam all the way at the Isolatorweg end of the metro in a pretty depressing commercial area. It consists of three dance halls

connected by a spacious hallway. The place’s gritty industrial look belies the fact that it is a smoothly ticking organisation where the logistics are always good and crowd control is never a problem. The flipside of the smoothly ticking machine is the way in which it subtly empties your wallet by having a coin system (god I HATE tokens), then extorting your first coin at the toilets for a night pass and charging quite some money for lockers which I’m pretty sure they have there permanently and which probably paid for someone’s luxury yacht by now.

For some silly reason we had gotten the idea to leave for the party before the voting of the World Cup for gays (aka Eurovision), so my boyfriend and I had a speedy entry only to find a nearly empty building. We joined the small crowd watching the Eurovision voting in one of the rooms, which would later house the Mr B Damage party. Since the Dutch contestant was the favorite with bookmakers the atmosphere was quite tense. Duncan winning really set a great jubilatory mood for the evening. Most people showed up after the voting and since the Israelis really dragged the show out it was after 1:00 when things got nice and busy.

After the votes we moved to the other big dance room which was hosted by Hustlaball where first circuit house and then techno was played. The atmosphere was subtly accented by cages, giant inflatable chains and three beastly men fucking each other’s brains out on stage. This kind of thing usually gets people in a trance-like staring state, which may have included me. I don’t necessarily NEED to see real-life porn at a party and would like to be social and dance a bit, but with that going on a couple of meters away there really is no way NOT to watch either. As you may expect the adjoining darkroom got quite busy (I just checked because of this review of course). The muscles in my eyes were getting a bit sore from trying not to stare at the porn actors so we decided to check out the other rooms.

The ex-Eurovision room was still in the process of getting converted to the Damage stage, so we went to the urban room, where a voguing competition was in full swing. The room had a catwalk and was decorated with really nice big mushrooms. Where the other rooms were full of your typical fetish party-goers and circuit queens, this room was a bit more feminine, including women and trans women. I usually don’t like urban music that much but the DJ nailed it and it was really nice here for a bit.

The third room was hosted by the Mr B Damage fetish party with later in the night Chris Bekker playing, which is usually pretty cool. While I was there he was playing a bit more dark techno and not so much his signature tech trance sound, maybe I just timed it wrongly. (Am I the only one who’s getting a bit tired of techno?)

Unfortunately at this point of the night a rookie mistake in self-medication made me feel quite sick and after lounging around in the hallway and the urban room (and, yes, the toilets) we decided to call it a day. The circuit house which had by then started in the Damage room sounded amazing, my feet were actually moving while I was lying on the benches in the hall, but the rest of my body wasn’t having any of that.

Despite feeling bad for half the evening I still have good memories of this party. You can really tell that Liquid Kiddy is organised with affection and attention to detail. Notable details are a food stand (which unfortunately just closed when I needed it most) and a dark room for ladies. While the turnout was ok, during most of the night either the Damage or the Hustlaball room was empty and the Urban room got pretty quiet early on. I’m always a bit surprised that this party isn’t more crowded, I guess they may be suffering for the exploding number of parties in Amsterdam. In May and June there really is something every week and both my boyfriend and I are starting to get a bit of a party burnout and are taking some weeks off now. We had a walk in the park the weekend after and I cleaned my house. It was blissful. As will my next visit to Liquid Kiddy be, since I like it and plan to be back and feel AMAZING, who knows I may even be vogueing.

Party & Venue Information

Party type Ehh, everything?
City Amsterdam
Type of audience Age range 18-80,
Audience: everything
Attitude: friendly, approachable, flirty, cruisy, social
There were some women, particularly in the urban room
Outfits Gay non-functional sportswear, glitter, drag, fetish, pretty much anything, mostly shirtless though
Music Techno, circuit house, techno
Performances This edition had porn shows and vogueing.
Sex There was a busy darkroom
Venue Warehouse
Security Security at the entrance was friendly and efficient.
Facilities Lockers (paid)
Drinks paid with tokens which you can buy with cash or pin.
Drinks prices: regular
Lounge: there’s some room to set left and right
Toilets: plenty,they cost one token for a night pass
Smoking room
Food stall, although it closed a bit too early
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