H.I.M New Years Eve Party Review

H.I.M New Years Eve Gay Circuit Party

Since Amsterdam didn’t really have any gay NYE parties, this year we decided to try something new and travel down to the H.I.M NYE party in Antwerpen. We decided to use the opportunity to do a bit of site seeing since Antwerpen is also just a beautiful city. During the Christmas season they also host a large Christmas market in the city centre.

The H.I.M. party started at 22:00, but we didn’t arrive until 23:30 at the party’s new location at AEC in the old harbour. The building was probably an old warehouse. The party was easy to enter as there was no line and there was no security checks. They sold lockers and drink tokens in the front area where the lockers were located. When we got into our gear, the party was still just getting started, but it wasn’t totally empty. There was only one dance area when we arrived. Guys were mostly in typical fetish wear with harnesses, speedos, sport shorts, etc. As usual a handful of guys were dancing while the majority stood around and watched. That of course changed as the night progressed.

The party began rather dark. They had a large cross LCD screen behind the DJ which was turned off during the first set. It was only turned on a minute before midnight when they did a countdown to the New Year. It was a rather lacklustre countdown, but we didn’t come there expecting too much. Luckily after the first DJ, the second DJ Andrei Stan really got the party started at around 1:00. They got the lighting working and the cross LCD screen. As expected, more guys showed up after probably ringing in the New Year elsewhere.

The music was pretty consistent all night with the usual mix of tribal house to keep the boys dancing the night through. Guys in general were pretty approachable and friendly compared to other parties we’ve been to like La Demence. The location itself was just the right size for the crowd that was attending. The only down side was the main entrance to the room and the entrance to the bathrooms were directly across from each other. This created a divide through the middle of the room with people constantly pushing their way through the crowd. At one point they opened another dance floor in the entrance area with more urban music. We stayed in the main dance area for the entire evening though.

In general, the H.I.M NYE party was just barely worth the trip from Amsterdam to Antwerpen and the €30 ticket as it wasn’t any different than any other circuit party. I think it’s probably more interesting if you live in the South of The Netherlands or obviously in Belgium. But, on New Year’s Day, La Demence also has a party, so if you want a full couple of days of parties for a full party, it’s possible to head over to Brussels.


(lineup is in no particular order)

  • Andrei Stan
  • Glaucio Duarte (NL.)
  • Stewie Layhe
  • Joyadi
  • Elof De Neve
  • Tony De Luca (FR.)

Party and Venue Information

Party typeTraveling circuit parry
Type of audienceMostly between 25-45. The audience was very mixed. Guys were pretty approachable and friendly.
OutfitsShirtless, harnesses, slutty shorts, speedos, party lewks. Some guys in casual clothes, but very few.
MusicTribal House
VenueAEC Antwerpen
CruisingNo play area
SecuritySecurity was only at the door, no checks.
FacilitiesLockers could be bought at the venue. Drink tokens also had to be purchased. Cash Only.

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